Journal Assignments


Emerging Infectious Diseases AnandPatil?

Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries AnandPatil?

Journal of Mathematical Biology ChSimon?

Journal of Theoretical Biology ChSimon?

Mathematical Biosciences ChSimon?

SIAP ChSimon?

SIREV ChSimon?

Behavioral Ecology CristieBoone?

Canadian Journal of Zoology CristieBoone?

Evolutionary Ecology Research CristieBoone?

Transactions of the American Fisheries Society DaveSwank?

Ecology DaveSwank?


Fisheries Management and Ecology E. J.

ICES Journal of Marine Science E. J.

Fisheries Reseach E. J.

Ecology Letters Jacqueline

Journal of Animal Ecology Jacqueline

Trends in Ecology and Evolution Jacqueline

Ecological Applications John

Ecological Modeling John

Oikos John

Journal of Applied Ecology KateCresswell?

PNAS KateCresswell?

Proc Royal Society B KateCresswell?

Functional Ecology KateCresswell?

Demographic Research MarcMangel?

Experimental Gerontoiogy MarcMangel?

Mechanisms of Ageing and Development MarcMangel?

Ecological Monographs StephanieCarlson?

Evolution StephanieCarlson?

Marine Ecology Progress Series StephanieCarlson?

Evoltuionary Applications StephanieCarlson?

American Naturalist WillS?

Conservation Biology WillS?

Fishery Bulletin WillS?

Theoretical Population Biology WillS?

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